The skills and experience of the RPG team, enhanced by a network of national and international experts, allows it to offer our clients a wide range of services in multiple sectors of the economy.


Assistance in the Definition and Implementation of Policies and Strategies. Design of Regulatory Models. Drafting and Reviewing Norms and Regulations.

Performance Assessment

Design, planning, implementation and monitoring of Performance Evaluation Systems. Development of Manuals of Performance Indicators.


Design, Contracting and Management of Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships. Preparation, Review and Management of Procurement Procedures.

Water, Sanitation and Waste

Strategic Studies. Investment Plans. Implementation Plans and Service Regulations. RPG Provides Services to Public or Private Clients and Acts at a Strategic and Management Level.


Plans and Strategic Studies. Project Management. Review of Studies and Projects. RPG Provides Services for Public and Private Customers in the Areas of Plans and Strategic Studies.


Training and Capacity Building Courses, Lectures and Workshops in Regulation, Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking, Concessions/Public-Private Partnerships, Utilities and Transportation.